Cleaning station processes

Cleaning stations: how do you make a declaration ?


To avoid sending to each transport operator the proof of the water used for washing the containers (see paragraph 7.2.3 and appendix 2 in the specifications), you can make a declaration to Qualimat and be included on the list of registered cleaning stations.

This list is accessible by Qualimat certified transport operators and published on the site every two weeks by Qualimat. It lists the cleaning stations where the quality of the water used for cleaning containers is compliant with the Qualimat Transport specification requirements.

The information available to transport operators is:

  • The cleaning station’s contact details
  • The origin of the water used (bore hole, network)
  • The levels of cleaning carried out by the station (B, C or D)
  • The type of containers that they can clean
  • The date of validity of the cleaning station’s declaration


Note: This list is based only on the declaration made by the cleaning stations and on the communication of the results of water analysis, where bore hole water is used.
There is no accreditation or certification for cleaning stations by Qualimat.

To register on the list of cleaning stations, you must familiarize yourself with the declaration, then complete and sign it.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an annual declaration. Ensure that you send a new declaration to Qualimat before the expiry date.