Commitment for transport operators

Transport Operators : how to make your application ?

STAGE 1: Prepare your commitment

  • Study the reference documents (specifications, third party recognition regulations) in order to understand the requirements and obligations to be followed in the context of your certification.
  • Register your company with the European Regulation (CE) 183/2005, which requires all operators working in the animal feed sector, including transport operators, to be registered with the relevant authorities. If you are not already registered, you just need to visit the website of the appropriate authority in your country:

This registration is quick and free.

Please note: Transport operators that have not made a declaration to the relevant authority, in compliance with regulation (CE) 183/2005 cannot apply for Qualimat Transport certification.

STAGE 2: Return your commitment confirmation to Qualimat

To begin the Qualimat Transport certification process, please send Qualimat the following documents:

  • The commitment confirmation, completed and signed
  • A copy of your transportation license
  • Proof of your registration with the DGCCRF (or relevant authority in your country), in compliance with the regulation (CE) 183/2005
  • In the case of a first commitment, payment payable to the Qualimat Association by check or proof in the case of bank transfer (rate indicated on the commitment form)

Once these documents have been received, Qualimat will ensure that your application is complete and valid and will send you a temporary three month certificate by post.

STAGE 3: Contact a certifying body

The next part of the certification process is undertaken by a certifying body. You therefore should contact one of these certifying bodies who has signed an agreement with Qualimat and organize an initial audit before the end date of your temporary certificate.

Useful documents

To help you prepare your commitment, Qualimat makes available the following:

Information briefs :


Document and registration templates :


Reference Documents

Qualimat Transport’s specifications list the requirements to be followed by those operators responsible for the road transportation of bulk “products” destined for animal feed, in terms of the cleanliness and traceability of the container used. The current version has been version 6 since January 1st 2016.

The third party recognition regulations describe the operating methods of the Qualimat Transport system, intended to establish compliance with Qualimat Transport’s current specifications and is imposed on all the stakeholders in the Qualimat Transport system.

A collection of technical positions specify and interpret certain points in the Qualimat Transport reference documents. It is applicable to all participants defined in the Qualimat Transport third party recognition regulations.

Non-classified Goods


The transport of non-classified goods in the IDTF is forbidden in containers that transport, even on an occasional basis, “products” destined for animal feed.


A transport company wishing to classify (or reclassify) goods should send the following to Qualimat :

After considering the application, if the goods are not forbidden, Qualimat will send an individual temporary authorization for a 6 months duration.

The classification proposal is then submitted to the ICRT for consideration and integration into the IDTF.