Qualimat Surveillance


Intrinsically linked to the area of Qualimat Contrôle (Monitoring), the checking of undesirable substances entered Qualimat’s remit in 1989, when members were offered the first shared “Salmonella” plans.

History and perspectives


Implementation of a shared control plan with the member manufacturers on salmonella

1994 - 1996

Mycotoxin studies with the help of funding from SYPRAM


Pesticide studies on cereals

2001 - 2007

Monitoring plan for undesirable substances with the support of the region of Brittany

  • Qualimat Alerte: consolidation of a protocol for managing concerning analytical signals
  • National shared control plans: Expertise and tools made available in the context of a partnership with Oqualim

Implementation of the Qualimat Alerte protocol


Co-leadership of a “inter-professional salmonella platform”

  • New version of the Qualimat Alerte protocol: validation of the last 5 years of operations, technical updates, improvement in documentary architecture
  • Development of a new IT portal for managing analysis results

Launch of the new IT portal for managing analysis results

  • Processing of 6 alert files
  • Ongoing of Qualimat’s involvment in the work of the profession (RMT Al-Chimie, Biosecurity Group SNIA-Coop de France, Synacomex, Feedsim)
  • Processing of 4 alert files

  • Update of reference documents
  • Continued involvement in the work of the profession
  • Discussions with Securefeed and GMP + for a better knowledge of respective tools

  • Processing of 10 alert files

  • Organisation of a skills building day for Qualimat experts
  • Continued involvement in the work of the profession
  • Continuation of exchanges with GMP+ and Securefeed on reciprocal knowledge of tools at the service of health security

  • Sharing thoughts in connection with the Qualimat Transport field on new prospects for actions contributing to the continuous improvement of health practices at the sector level
  • Continuation of partnerships (GMP+, SecureFeed, RMT-Al Chimie) and involvement in the work of the profession
  • Processing of 5 alert files
  • Continuation of partnerships and involvement in the work of the profession
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  • To participate in and maintain networks to ensure the monitoring of raw materials
  • To coordinate the timely supervision of worrying analytical signals for “undesirable substances”

Key Figures


Years experience in sharing analysis results between companies


Documented alerts managed in the context of Qualimat Alerte protocol, since 2012


Qualimat Alerte experts from members entreprises