Qualimat Amont


Within the historical continuity of Qualimat and its sharing of expertise, Qualimat Amont is a progressive technical process that complements Qualimat’s other activities. The main tool in the process is the on-site diagnostic study on supplier premises in order to identify the acquired control points and the improvement actions to be implemented.

History and perspectives

2011 - 2014
  • Drafting of reference documents with the support of Bureau Veritas
  • Completion of 11 diagnostic studies – tests
  • Skills training for 42 auditors

Launch of the process: first diagnostic studies carried out

  • 12 diagnostic studies carried out in 7 sectors of activity
  • Exchanges with Quality frameworks (CSA-GTP, GTP Coceral, etc.)
  • Exchanges with organizations in other countries and other sectors: Securefeed (NL) and Mutual Audit (F)”

11 diagnostic studies carried out over 7 sectors of activity


5 diagnostic studies carried out over 5 sectors of activity

  • 3 diagnostic studies carried over 2 sectors of activity

  • Update of reference documents: integration of the expertise acquired over the past 5 years
  • Discussions with Securefeed and GMP + for a better knowledge of our respective tools

  • Implementation of a new process for carrying out diagnostic studies for more flexibility and autonomy in the organisation and conduct of diagnostic studies
  • 3 diagnostic studies carried out according to the new process over 3 sectors of activity

  • Continuation of exchanges with GMP+ and Securefeed on reciprocal knowledge of tools at the service of health security
  • Qualifying training session for 13 new auditors
  • 6 diagnostic studies carried out according to the new process spread over 4 sectors of activity

Start of a survey of members on their operations regarding the control of suppliers with targeted interviews

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  • To share the ongoing improvement of the nutritional and hygiene qualities of raw materials, using technical diagnostics on the suppliers’ sites in order to identify improvement actions to be implemented and the acquired control points.
  • To raise awareness in suppliers to the specific needs of animal nutrition.
  • To integrate Qualimat in the upstream manufacturing monitoring process as a complementary tool for existing quality processes used by suppliers (good practices, certifications, etc.).”

Key Figures


diagnostic studies carried out since 2012


trained and qualified auditors