Qualimat Association

Founded in 1978, Qualimat is an organization made up of professionals working in the Animal Feeds industry, striving for the nutritional quality and hygiene safety of raw materials used for manufacturing animal feed

Notre histoire


Organization created


Qualimat obtains its first NIR


Implementation of monitoring of mycotoxin using HPLC


 Implementation of first control plans shared between manufacturers (salmonella analysis)


Studies on pesticides in cereals


Studies on cleanliness of trucks and precedents for transporting raw materials


 Implementation of Qualimat Transport specifications: Version 1


Samples carried out in the context of Qualimat Contrôle are no longer implemented by the DGCCRF, but by Qualimat


Implementation of a shared plan on the control of undesirable substances with the support of the Region of Brittany


Signing of mutual recognition with GMP+ International, Ovocom and QS, in the context of version 4 of the Qualimat Transport specifications


Qualimat becomes a partner member of Oqualim and is granted the implementation and management of the national shared plan for monitoring undesirable substances in raw materials destined for animal feed


Launch of Qualimat protocol with the help of alert management


Qualimat Transport: recognition with the transport component of the CSA-GTP


Qualimat Transport – version 6 of the specifications: extension of scope to cover compound feed


Launch of Qualimat Amont (Upstream)


Development of a new IT portal for managing analysis results


Launch of the new IT portal for managing analysis results


Valuation of 16 years of nutritional and sanitary controls

  • Implementation of exceptional measures in response to the COVID-19 health situation
  • Consolidation of the use of the Quality Portal for the benefit of pooling analyzes
  • Continuation of Qualimat’s contribution to the work of the profession
  • 20th birthday of Qualimat Transport third part certification disposal
  • Modernisation of rapid analysis equipment
  • Continuation of exchanges with GMP+ and Securefeed on reciprocal knowledge of tools at the service of health security
  • Implementation of the new version of the Qualimat Transport reference documents consolidating the third party
  • Continuation of Qualimat’s contribution to the work of the profession
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The Oragnization's values

Our mission

To contribute to the safety of the animal feed sector and its economic balance, by creating and maintaining shared tools for the monitoring of and knowledge about raw materials :

  • sharing the expertise of companies, tools, information
  • qualitative monitoring: optimum qualification of raw materials
  • hygiene monitoring
  • role of monitoring any emerging issues

Key figures


members including 33 feed manufacturers, 7 premix producers, 13 suppliers and 2 professional organizations


cross-activity quality IT portal





The Executive Board is made up of 15 administrators from manufacturer and premix producer members. They define the Organization’s strategic focuses by area of activity.

A partnership of 2 Administrators and a referent project manager leads each area of activity , in coordination with the management team.

  • The management committee is made up of member representatives, experts in their area. Depending on the areas of activity, representatives from partner organizations and consultants may also participate in the management committee.
  • The technical committee is a cross-activity reporting and exchange group, for members and in which representatives of french Administration can also participate.

Our Members