Qualimat Monitoring


Qualimat Contrôle is Qualimat’s historical activity. At first focusing on the protein content of raw materials, Qualimat’s control activities evolved during the 1990s towards checking other nutritional criteria and monitoring undesirable substances. Sampling in ports has been carried out by Qualimat since 2002. These representative samples, taken upstream of users, are analyzed quickly to allow members to receive the results in real time. In parallel, synergy with member importers allows the sharing of the results of various complementary analyses.

History & Perspectives


Analysis of undesirable substances in the Morbihan department laboratory and the laboratory in Rennes


Purchase of NIR – development of NIR analysis


Implementation of monitoring of mycotoxin using HPLC


Sampling in ports is no longer carried out by the DGCCRF but by Qualimat


 Implementation of an online database for the consultation of analysis results


Co-leadership of a “inter-professional salmonella platform


Partnership with importers for the carrying out of complementary samples in ports, in addition to Qualimat’s samples

  • Development of a new IT portal for managing analysis results.
  • Pursuit of partnership with importers: sharing of results of salmonella analysis

 Launch of the new IT portal for managing analysis results


Synthesis of 16 years of nutritional and sanitary controls

  • Consolidation of the pooling of salmonella analysis results on the Quality Portal
  • Investigations for the modernization of infrared equipment
  • Modernisation of rapid analysis equipment
  • New notifications for uploading analysis results on the Quality Portal
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  • To supply information relating to the nutritional and hygiene quality of raw materials from supply sites in western France, common to members, through :
    • Representative samples taken as much upstream as possible from the user,
    • Reliable analysis results, communicated within a short time frame, exploitable by members,
    • Relevant observations and associated expertise.

Key Figures


millions of tons of raw materials controlled in 2021


analyses carried out including 1,218 infrared analyses in 2021


Pooled Salmonella analysis carried out by importers in 2021