Update of Qualimat Transport reference documents

Following the joint work of the Qualimat Transport Steering Committee and the authorized certifying organizations, the Qualimat Transport reference documents are changing!

  • Update of Regulation for recognition of third-party version 2.0,
  • Update of the Collection of Qualimat Transport Technical Positions:
      • Removal of technical position 1-002 “provisions relating to the transfer of a certificate by a Certification Body”,
      • Update of technical position 1-003 “provisions relating to companies with several operating sites”
      • Addition of technical position 2-004 “minimum analyzes to be carried out as part of a cleaning-disinfection procedure with a view to reassigning containers for the transport of “products” intended for animal feed”,
      • Addition of technical position 2-005 “recognition of disinfection by fumigation”.

The update of the Regulation for recognition of third-party introduces significant changes to the functioning mode of the Qualimat Transport system.

We invite you to download the documents via the following link: Qualimat Transport – Qualimat Transport introduction– Qualimat Transport reference documents.

A special FOCUS is dedicated to this development.