Launch of the new IDTF website

In 2021, the technology for the current IDTF website becomes obsolete. To maintain the database and improve the user experience, ICRT decided to build a new website to host the IDTF. It is scheduled to go online on 21st of January 2021 at the same address (

User friendly

The new IDTF website still has the familiar elements and functions, but in a complete fresh and modern look and feel. The website is sustainable, secured and futureproof, supported by brand new technology which is regularly updated.
On the other hand, the search function is more user friendly. In particular, it includes a google-like search function and the recognition of “quotation marks” for searching for an exact term.

Do you need help?

To make the transition to the new website as easy as we can, there is also a new user manual available. You can download it directly from the website (in the upper right corner of the search field).For more information on this new IDTF database, we invite you to read the qualiSCOPE dedicated to this event.