20 years of Qualimat Transport

The year 2021 was marked by the 20th anniversary of the Qualimat Transport scheme. On the occasion of this event, we invite you to read the dedicated qualiSCOPE, containing testimonials from contributors, manufacturers of animal feed and transport companies, partners and the Administration.

Since its inception, the system has been based on the voluntary initiative of manufacturer of animal feed and the active contribution of representatives of transport companies.

The Qualimat Transport specifications bring together the shared requirements of manufacturer of animal feed, concerning the health safety of the bulk transport by road of products intended for animal feed. Its robustness and relevance are recognized by other certification schemes with which Qualimat Transport has recognition agreements (GMP+ International, FCA OVOCOM, QS, CSA-GTP, RCNA-Oqualim).

In the future, Qualimat Transport will continue with its partners, its involvement in order to remain a reference tool at the service of all stakeholder in the animal nutrition sector.